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Peak Potential Golf was founded and created by golf professional and golf instructor Peter Norwood. Peter had one goal in the creation of this website, to give interested golfers a top calibur online platform for analyzing their own games, learning how to improve the weaker areas of their games, and eventually improving their games to their peak potential through an online source.




Analyze - Stat Tracking and Game Analysis

 Peak Potential Golf gives website members the abililty to track and analyze all parts of their golf game to a similar capacity as players on the PGA Tour, allowing website users to track and analyze comprehensive statistics within their game for any selected date range in the areas of Scoring Statistics, Driving Statistics, Approach Shot Statistics, Short Game Statistics, and Putting Statistics.

Analyze - PGA Tour Skill Comparison

Peak Potential Golf gives website members the abililty to compare their statistics to statistics from PGA Tour Professionals, comparing them to the first, median, and last positions to help recognize currents strengths and weaknesses in one's game.

Learn - Technique Submission and Analysis

Peak Potential Golf gives website members the ability to sumbit video footage of their technique (for an analysis fee set by instructor) and have it professionally analyzed. After professional analysis is complete, the website member will receive a voiceover lesson back from the professional with analysis, possible comparisons and demonstrations, and with recommendations for online drills, practice strategies, and playing strategies for student to undertake to improve technique and shot tendencies.

Learn -Access All Game Development Videos, Drills, and Learning Materials

Peak Potential Golf gives website members access to all drills, videos, and learning materials categorized and subcategorized under the main areas of Ball Striking, The Short Game, Putting, The Mental Game, Golf Fitness, and Practice and Playing Strategies.

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